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How to Install Configuration (.cfg) files.

Text files with the .cfg extension are not installed through the mod injector like zipped mods are. Instead, you place them in DOOM Eternal's "base" folder and run them with the exec console command. Suppose you save a configuration file named performance.cfg. You would press the ` key to open the game's command line console, type exec performance.cfg, and press enter.

Running configuration files automatically.

If you want a particular .cfg file to be run every time you start up the game without needing to run a command, add the exec line to candidate.cfg.

The candidate.cfg file is overwritten by Steam whenever you verify the integrity of files, or when a new game update is installed. For this reason it is recommended to put your preferred commands in a separate file and executing that instead of placing anything other than exec commands here.

Using hidden commands.

Sometimes, configuration files will use console variables that are normally not executable. If when running such a file, you get error messages saying that a command was not found, you will need to unlock these hidden variables. You can do this either by following the guide to installing zipped mods (even if you don't intend on using such mods) which installs the necessary game patch, or by installing meathook.