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Microsoft Store / Xbox Game Pass (PC)

If the game executable is being dumped "endlessly", then you may need to restart the process.
If that does not work, then there is potentially no solution to modding your version of DOOM Eternal.

90 GB of free space is needed to dump.

  • Optional: Delete the Microsoft Store version of the game after the UWPDumper has finished.
    Not though the Microsoft Store, instead delete the files.
  • Optional: When you launch the game, it may say that you do not own the campaign, even if you do.
    When that happens, enter the following links into a browser.
    Campaign: ms-windows-store://pdp/?productId=9PC4V8W0VCWT
    TAG1:     ms-windows-store://pdp/?productId=9P2MSCGJPKJC
    TAG2:     ms-windows-store://pdp/?productId=9NB788JLSR97
  • Download the Windows version of the EternalModInjector:
  • Extract the EternalModInjector into the dumped folder (the same folder as DOOMEternalx64vk.exe).
  • Put your mods into the "DOOMEternal/Mods" folder then run "DOOMEternal/EternalModManager.exe" and select "Run mod injector" at the bottom left to install mods.