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Creating Audio Mods

See Extracting Game Audio before proceeding.

Instructions are for Windows users.

Audio Editing

Download an audio-editing tool of your choice, such as Audacity - Download

  1. Import the OGG or OPUS files and edit them in your audio-editing tool.
  2. Make sure that your edits match the start and end length of the audio track.
  3. SFX & VO: Convert all of the audio you want to export to OPUS.
    ( Export Audio -> OggOpus - 64 kbps for high quality )
  4. MUSIC: Convert all of the audio you want to export to WAV. ( 32 bit for high quality )

FFmpeg ( SFX & VO )

You need the FFmpeg extension for Audacity to import/export OPUS audio files - Download

  1. Install ffmpeg-win-#.#.#.exe -> Follow the installation instructions
  2. Open Audacity -> Edit -> Preferences -> Libraries
  3. FFmpeg Library: Locate... -> Browse... -> Find avformat-55.dll -> OK

Be sure to export the OPUS file in either mono or stereo depending on the format of the original file.

Sometimes, Audacity will automatically find avformat-55.dll

If the exe version does not work, download the zip option and extract it into a new folder called ffmpeg-win-#.#.# (depending on the version number) and extract all its contents in there. Then attempt to locate FFmpeg.

Wwise Launcher ( MUSIC )

Create an audiokinetic account (use free trial) and install Wwise Launcher - Download

  1. Go to Wwise Launcher  ->  WWISE  ->  Launch Wwise (64-bit)  ->  New (Project Launcher)  ->  Provide it a name  ->  Select None (Import assets to project)  ->  OK
  2. Close (License Manager)  ->  Property Editor (SHIFT + K)  ->  Source Settings  ->  Default Conversion Settings ...  ->  Factory Conversion Settings / Vorbis / Vorbis Quality High  ->  OK  ->  OK
  3. Audio File Importer (SHIFT + I)  ->  Add Files...  ->  Select your WAV files  ->  Open  ->  Import
    (Replace any if needed)
  4. Project  ->  Convert All Audio Files...  ->  Check Windows (If it is not already checked)  ->  OK
  5. File Manager (SHIFT + F1)  ->  Right Click Project Folder Directory  ->  Open Containing Folder  ->  .cache\Windows\SFX  (It is recommended to bookmark this directory)
  6. Be sure that the exported WEM files end with _3F75BDB9

It is recommended to repeat Step 2 EVERY TIME you launch Wwise, in case the default Factory Conversion Settings are automatically restored.

Injecting Audio

  1. In your DOOMEternal\Mods folder, create a folder called named based on where the file was originally found.
    ( ex: music_patch_1 )
  2. Copy your converted WEM file(s) in there and make sure they have the same name as extracted files.
    ( ex: samuelsbase_music_main_heavy_0_0_id#15098487.wem )
  3. Run the EternalModInjector like normal.