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Extracting Strings

See Extracting Resources before proceeding. You must have gameresources.resources extracted.

A string is a sequence of characters (text) that appears literally.

Extracting Tools

BlangJsonGeneratorUI by PowerBall253 - Download
Modifies BLANG files and exports the changes as JSON.

BlangJsonGenerator by PowerBall253 - Download
Exports BLANG files into JSON, a format that can be edited with raw text editor, such as Notepad++.

BlangParser by proteh - Download
Directly modifies BLANG files with a simple GUI.

Currently, there are no released packages for BlangParser.
You will either need to find a compiled version in the 2016+ Modding Discord server
or compile it with a C# compiler.

Each BLANG file usually range from 1.5 MB to 2 MB of storage.

Finding BLANG files

  • As of Update 6.66 - Rev 1.1, the highest-priority string files are located in gameresources_patch1\strings from your resource output directory.
  • Copy any language BLANG file of choice and paste is somewhere safe.
    This will be the string file that you will modify.

Extraction Instructions ( BlangJsonGenerator )

  • Run "BlangJsonGenerator.exe".
  • Select option 1.
  • Input the name of the .blang file. ( ex: english.blang )
  • Input the language name. ( ex: english )
  • Input the name of the output file. ( ex: english.json )
  • Close the executable.
  • You may now edit each string value. See Creating String Mods for more information.

The output folder must end with .json

List of Resources

Resource Name Information
english.blang Contains strings for the English language
french.blang Contains strings for the French language
german.blang Contains strings for the German language
italian.blang Contains strings for the Italian language
japanese.blang Contains strings for the Japanese language
latin_spanish.blang Contains strings for the Latin American Spanish language
polish.blang Contains strings for the Polish language
portuguese.blang Contains strings for the Portuguese language
russian.blang Contains strings for the Russian language
simplified_chinese.blang Contains strings for the Simplified Chinese language
spanish.blang Contains strings for the European Spanish language
traditional_chinese.blang Contains strings for the Traditional Chinese language