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How to Play Multiplayer Mods

See Commands (CMD) before proceeding.

How to Play (Pre-Configured Mods)

  • How to Install Mods (general guide):
  • Get the latest version of the Eternal Mod Injector.
    Windows (Steam):
    Linux (Steam):
  • All players should have the same multiplayer-related mods installed (does not include addons). If a player has different or extra mods installed, their game may de-sync in unexpected ways or crash. Texture, Model, String, & Audio mods should be unaffected.
  • A player (the host) should create a private lobby and invite a friend or two (the clients). The host invite players by selecting the Social Menu ( P ) and finding their friend or favorite profiles.
    {Some multiplayer mods only require 2 players, the mod author should specify this.}
  • Once all players are ready, instead of "ready-upping", the host should execute one of the loadDevMenuOption commands in the console provided by the mod author. This does not apply to mods requiring 3 players such INVASION and TENEMODE.
    {Press the Grave Accent ( ` ) key to open the console. Copy the loadDevMenuOption command and use CTRL + V to paste it into the console, then press ENTER. All players will now be loaded into the map.}
  • Here is an example of a command to load into a multiplayer map: loadDevMenuOption devmenuoption/pvp 0 1
    {This command will load the Forsaken map from BATTLEMODE. A mod author can change the index of this command.}

You can learn more about loading into BATTLEMODE maps here:
Multiplayer modding guides:


Local Hosting

There are several limitations of multiplayer mods due to local hosting. Applies to all modded multiplayer game modes

  • No Chaingun Energy Shield weapon mod (crashes the game for clients).
  • No Ice Bomb equipment (FX would persist, causes lag, and may crash clients).
  • No Armored Barons, Blood Maykrs, or Tyrants can spawn (they will crash the game for clients).
  • No Take Back rune (Extra Lives do not work in multiplayer).
  • Buggy Saving Throw or Chrono Strike runes (time-affecting runes would not function properly for clients, the grayscale affect may persist indefinitely).
  • Hit scan weapon FX and SFX do not appear when fired from the host. However, they will still deal damage.
  • The host cannot see dynamic player outlines that will disappear when breaking line of sight, but they can see static outlines.
  • The host cannot see player health bars above their head.
  • Slayers cannot change their runes.

Multiple Slayers

These limitations apply to gamemodes with more than one Slayer, such as CO-OP and DEATHMATCH.

  • No Health for Blood and Armor for Blood crystal upgrades (could not apply to clients).
  • Buggy Equipment Fiend rune (effect would multiply per Slayer, effectively removing equipment cooldowns with proper coordination).
  • Buggy Break Blast rune (Weak Point breaks are inconsistent for clients).
  • A Slayer on the demon team cannot see the other Slayer's outline on the same team.
  • Clients can damage and lock-onto Cursed Prowlers while cursed. Some multiplayer mods remove their lock-on immunity entirely for consistency.
  • Clients cannot kill Spirits. Some multiplayer mods do not require you to kill spirits for consistency.


Here is a list of a few commands that can either speed up or stabilize the process

  • The host may execute the restartMapWithLobby command to restart the entire map for all active players in the party.
  • The host may execute the exitShellLobby command to leave the match and retain all clients within their party, as long as the clients do not select ACCEPT in the warning menu.
  • Clients may execute the disconnect command to leave the match and stay in the party, as long as the host executes the same command last.
  • Players may execute the g_havokHeapLimitMB 200 command to increase the havok limit which will prevent some crashes.
  • Players may execute the net_maxRate 100 command to increase the network rate which may decrease latency.
  • Players may execute the warning_disable all command to disable the barrage of warnings in the console. Execute warning_enable all or restart the game to enable the warnings.
  • To play solo, first execute the pvp_skipReadyUp 1 command to bypass the "waiting for players" event on map start. Leaving this enabled with other players may create issues for clients. Execute pvp_skipReadyUp 0 or restart the game to enable the "waiting for players" event.

Information (Legacy)

If you are playing a multiplayer mod, it is likely that the mod author(s) implemented a more concise method of playing their mod(s). Most of the information here are only relevant for people who want to experiment with the vanilla multiplayer maps.

Before you start, you must have the latest version of the EternalModInjector (version 20 or later).

By default, BATTLEMODE servers will overwrite most entity and decl changes that are injected. Bethesda uses Playfab servers to host online matches, but private matches are peer-to-peer. The lobby host is treated as the "server" but each player will still go through Bethesda's servers.

You can check all available BATTLEMODE maps here

1 or 2 Player Party

  • The host must enter the following command before starting a game.
pvp_skipReadyUp 1

pvp_skipReadyUp 1  will skip the "waiting for players" intro event.

  • Enter a private lobby and select any playable character and loadout of choice.
  • Use the loadDevMenuOption command to force-load into a BATTLEMODE map. Here is an example.
loadDevMenuOption devmenuoption/pvp 0 1

This will force-load all players into the Forsaken map as your currently selected character and loadout.

3 Player Party

  • The host must enter the following command before starting a game.
net_gameserver_enable 0

net_gameserver_enable 0  will force the game to use your machine (with all its mods) as the server, provided that you are the host.

  • Enter a private lobby and select any playable character and loadout of choice.
  • Once all players are ready, the match may begin.

Host Powers

  • The host may also use various commands such as chrispy to spawn entities for other players to interact with.
  • Any player may execute give commands such as give health to fully heal.

See a list of available commands in the Developer Console book.

If the lobby host manually leaves the match, all players are kicked from the game but stay in the party as long as the do not select ACCEPT in the warning prompt.

All players should have the same mods installed to prevent file conflicts & preserve balance.

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