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String Customization

Strings can be customized to help specific characters stand out.

String customization applies to both BLANG files and idGuiEntity_Text entities.

Available Colors

Start with ^ then a character from the list below, then end with ^7
Ex: "^5sample text^7" (without quotations) This will make the text teal.

^a  -  Gold
^b  -  Light Blue
^c  -  Green Yellow
^d  -  Orange
^z  -  White
^0  -  Black
^1  -  Red
^2  -  Green
^3  -  Yellow
^4  -  Blue
^5  -  Teal
^6  -  Purple
^7  -  White
^8  -  Gray
^9  -  Black

In general, helpful tips are colored teal, dangerous threats are colored red.


\n  -  New Line
\t   -  Tab


^2Green Yellow^7  ->  Green Yellow
^1Red^7 ^aGold^7  ->  Red Gold
^1R^7^da^7^3i^7^2n^7^5b^7^bo^7^6w^7  ->  Rainbow
This is a ^5sample^7 tip  ->  This is a sample tip
First line\nSecond line  ->  First line
                                               Second line
Sample\tText  ->  Sample     Text

Up to 9 separate color identifiers can be present in one string line.
Any additional colorization will cause some to be ignored.

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