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Load Battlemode Maps

See Commands (CMD) for additional help.


Load the following command from the Main Menu.
It automatically skips the intro podium event. Replace 1 with 0 (or restart DOOM Eternal) to revert the change.

pvp_skipreadyup 1


The loaddevmenuoption command allows the host player (and their party of 2 or 3) to immediately load into a BATTLEMODE map with their currently selected character and loadout in the lobby.

Load Dev Menu Option

Map Name Console Command
Forsaken (Sentinel City) loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 0 1
Tundra (Cultist Base) loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 2 1
Armageddon (Super Gore Nest) loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 3 1
Extraction (Mars) loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 4 1
Celestial (Urdak) loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 5 1
Torment (UAC Facility) loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 7 1
Penance (Hell) loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 8 1
Corrosion (Blood Swamps) loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 9 1
Stronghold (Immora) loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 10 1

Options 1 and 6 do not load a map.

Map (Single Player Only)

Alternatively, the map command can be used to quickly load into any map as a Slayer while in the main menu.
However, this does not load party members into the same map.

Map Name Console Command
Celestial (Urdak) map game/pvp/pvp_bronco/pvp_bronco
Corrosion (Blood Swamps) map game/pvp/pvp_darkmetal/pvp_darkmetal
Penance (Hell) map game/pvp/pvp_deathvalley/pvp_deathvalley
Tundra (Cultist Base) map game/pvp/pvp_inferno/pvp_inferno
Forsaken (Sentinel City) map game/pvp/pvp_laser/pvp_laser
Torment (UAC Facility) map game/pvp/pvp_shrapnel/pvp_shrapnel
Stronghold (Immora) map game/pvp/pvp_sideswipe/pvp_sideswipe
Armageddon (Super Gore Nest) map game/pvp/pvp_thunder/pvp_thunder
Extraction (Mars)

map game/pvp/pvp_zap/pvp_zap

Hostile fodder will indefinitely spawn in all arenas.

To exit a map, simply leave the game.

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