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Meath00k Commands

The Meathook tool is required to execute special commands like noclip and notarget.

Meath00k Tool

Meath00k (aka M347h00k or Monkeyhook) by Chrispy - Download
- Meath00k unlocks developer commands and allows you to edit your level in-game.
To install: Download XINPUT1_3.dll and place it into the DOOM Eternal installation directory (like how you installed the Mod Injector).

Basic Meathook Commands

Spawns an entity at the position of your cross-hair. See EntityDefs for more possible spawns.

chrispy ai/heavy/hellknight

chrispy pickup/powerup/berserk

noclip Allows the player to pass through geometer unhindered. This command is toggle-able by itself. noclip
notarget Prevents the player from being target-able, which makes the AI idle. This command is toggle-able by itself. notarget

All Meathook Commands

mh_active_encounter Get the list of active encounter managers. mh_active_encounter
mh_ang2mat mh_ang2mat pitch yaw roll : converts the pitch, yaw and roll values for idAngles to a decl - formatted matrix, copying the result to your clipboard.
mh_angleincr <double> amount to inc/dec by with angle editing.
mh_cpuinfo Takes no args, dumps info about your cpu for dev purposes.
mh_current_checkpoint Get the current checkpoint name. mh_current_checkpoint
mh_dump_bmodel <name> <output path> <skip_compression> Finds a staticmodel and then executes writestaticbmodel to the provided path.
mh_dumpeventdefs mh_dumpeventdefs <as enum = 0/1>
mh_dumpmap Dump current idMapLocal to a .map file.
mh_dumppropidxinfo Debug command for dumping the corresponding addresses/rvas for property indices.
mh_editor Sets up the editor session.
mh_editor_keys Tells you editor stuff.
mh_editor_spawn Spawns an entity, saving it to the map and grabbing it for manipulation.
mh_end_spawnrec No args, closes current spawnfile.
mh_force_reload Force reload current level. mh_force_reload
mh_gencvarset Regenerate doom_eternal_cvars_generated.cpp/hpp for mh build.
mh_genpropset Regenerated doom_eternal_properties_generated.cpp/hpp for use in mh builds. Not for users.
mh_grab Grab an object. mh_grab (while facing an object)
mh_justforme The password is: inut4splenda
This unlocks advanced commands that are only useful for the developer of the meathook tool.
mh_killAi Kills all living AI. mh_killai
mh_kw Searches all types, enums, typedefs, their comments, field names, typename, template args,eventdefs,vtbl names, cvar names, cvar descriptions for the provided keywords.
mh_list_entity_types <filter> lists the names of all subclasses of idEntity with optional filter.
mh_list_resource_lists Lists all resource lists by classname/typename, copying the result to the clipboard (the clipboard might not be helpful here). mh_list_resource_lists
mh_list_resources_of_class <resourcelist classname> lists all resources in a given list, copying result to clipboard.
mh_locate_fspec_char_uses <char> Finds all usages of a provided char in event formatspecs/rettypes.
mh_optimize Patches the engine to make stuff run faster. Do not use online, might result in slightly different floating point results (probably not though).
mh_printentitydef Print the entitydef of the entity with the provided name to the console.
mh_randomact <distance> <scalar> uses scalar + random values to randomly change the color, scale, and velocity of all entities within distance from player.
mh_reload_decl mh_reload_decl <classname(ex:idDeclWeapon)> <decl path> mh_reload_decl idDeclEntitydef ai/heavy/hellknight
mh_removeAi Removes all living AI.
mh_ScriptCmd <event> <args> ai_ScriptCmd resurrected, now copies the results of the eventcall to your clipboard for chaining commands together.
mh_ScriptCmdEnt <entity> <event> <args> ai_ScriptCmdEnt resurrected, now copies the results of the eventcall to your clipboard for chaining commands together.
mh_set_charscaling <w> <h> smallchar w/h override
mh_spawnfile <spawn file path> spawns the entities at the positions from the file.
mh_spawninfo Copy your current position and orientation, formatted as spawnPosition and spawnOrientation to the clipboard. mh_spawninfo
mh_spmap <map name> shortcut for map maps/game/sp/<map name>/<map name>
mh_start_spawnrec <spawn file path> starts recording all chrispy/rechrispy spawns/spawn positions to a file for later exec by mh_spawnfile.
mh_test_genbmodel <obj path> <output path> (YOU MUST BE ON V1 WITH RANDOMBASEADDR FLAG OFF ON EXE FOR THIS RIGHT NOW) generate bmodel in standalone resource from .obj
mh_testgui Displays a test GUI. This does not go away until you quit the game mh_testgui
mh_testmaterial Takes one arg, a material name. Renders the material to the test window. Passing no args clears the test window.
mh_type Dump fields for provided class.

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