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Performance Commands

Where to find Performance Commands

Go to the Developer Console, you can find all the needed commands with find cvar <input>

find cvar Displays information about cvar and the commands that include cvar.
find cvar r_ Displays ALL performance commands.
find cvar r_ shadow Displays commands that affect shadows.
find cvar r_ texture Displays commands that affect textures.
find cvar r_ water Displays commands that affect water.

The space after r_ is important for finding all the performance-based commands that includes the word after it.

Reduce the values of the following (lower value = better performance):

  • r_antialiasing
  • r_dof
  • r_hdrBloom
  • r_shadowAtlasWidth
  • r_textureLodBias
  • r_waterReflections
  • r_waterReflectionsTAA

Set the following to 1:

  • r_skipDecals
  • r_skipMaterialBlending

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