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EntityHero by Scorp0rX0r - Download

EntityHero is a tool to help newer modders into level modding. It helps with organizing entities and makes it easier to move around eventCalls.
To install: Extract the files to whatever folder you want. Make sure to copy oocore_8_win64.dll from DOOM Eternal's installation directory to the folder.

EntityHero does not require you to decompress .entities files.

You can open the compressed files within the application, but you should be in your chosen level and use
File -> Open from MH to open the M347h00k instance. Be sure so save your instance somewhere.
With EntityHero, you can press the button, "Reload level" and it will perform the command "mh_force_reload" for you.

To avoid issues, do most of the typing in a text editor (such as Notepad++). Copy an entity or eventCall and paste them into the text editor, make your changes, then copy that and paste it back into where it was.
When pasting eventCalls, ignore the "item[#] = {" bracket because it would sometimes throw an error.

Copying from EntityHero to Text Editor:

1. Copy the eventCall selected
2. Paste into text editor
3. Make your changes and only copy the following
4. Reinsert the eventCall into EntityHeroimage-1631057148235.png
5. If you are replacing an eventCall, delete the original one, but you can always add more eventCalls this way.

Issues with EntityHero:

EntityHero can be a bit weird and is prone to crashes. Be sure to frequently save to avoid loosing progress.

  • When editing text directly in EntityHero and leaving a field blank (such as a string), the field might auto-generate a garbled mess that will result in the game crashing when reloading the level.
    Copy the corrupted entity to a text editor and replace the garbled text with two quotations to fix this.
  • When double clicking the parent field of an entity in EntityHero, the text, "entity" would be the only thing showing up. Doing this action also sometimes generates a garbled mess in that field.
    Copy the corrupted entity to a text editor and replace the garbled text with entity to fix this.
  • Sometimes, entities will randomly duplicate its quotations, particularly when relating to Invasion stuff.
    This results in crashes when reloading the level, and this issue is common for Base Campaign levels.
    A solution is to decompress the entities file to plain text, find where all the duplicate quotations are (use Find and Replace), then re-compress the entities file.

Newer versions of EntityHero tend to mitigate these issues so you may not experience any of these.