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Getting Started

Entities Files

Levels are edited through ".entities" files and are saved in:

> This is the level file path for Hell on Earth.

Remember to check for the highest resource load priority for the level


M347h00k (aka Meathook or MH) originally by Chrispy - Download
> M347h00k unlocks developer commands and allows you to edit your level in-game.
> Although not mandatory, this would make level modding significantly easier.
To install: Download XINPUT1_3.dll and place it into the DOOM Eternal installation directory (like how you installed the Mod Injector).

Tools for Editing Levels:

Text Editor - Notepad++ Recommended

EntitySlayer by FlavorfulGecko5 - Download
> EntitySlayer is an easy yet powerful entity editing tool that lists entities as nodes, while providing advanced features such as filtering, searching, multi-node selection.
> To install: Download the Entity Slayer zip and extract its contents to whatever folder you want. Make sure to copy oocore_8_win64.dll from DOOM Eternal's installation directory to the folder.