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An entity that can move around on pre-programmed paths, and also scripted to move around from timelines.

Note: This page was originally written by Chrispy. It was recovered from the now-deleted idTech 7 wiki, and copied here for preservation. This information may be incomplete and needs further details to expand upon it.

idMover Entity

Most of the things you see in the game that are moving are idMovers, except for ai, physics props, and a group of entity types may also move (idFuncSwing, idFuncRotate, etc) but in very limited ways.

Movers, like all entities, can have an arbitrary collisionmodel / rendermodel, or none at all. They can be used along with binding and the scripted movement events (moveTo) to create complex moving objects.

Within Movers you may define a scripted sequence of movements that will be executed when the mover is activated by another entity, or may activate immediately on spawn. The sequence can happen once, or loop.

Things you can do with idMover include:

  1. offsetOrientation - Rotate by Angles (roll, pitch,yaw)
  2. offsetDestination - Move by offset (X Y Z units from current position)
  3. destinationEntity(sp?) - Move to an entities current position.
  4. Activate a list of entities when a scripted movement starts, or ends.