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Section 2: Let's begin modding

Just as a refresher, this section assumes you have an editable .entities file in the correct place in which you can make changes on the fly.

Here, we are going to do the very core of level modding, editing encounters. The full walkthrough will include:

  1. Learning about idAI2(s), idTarget_Spawn(s), idTargetSpawnGroup(s), and idTarget_Spawn_Parent.
  2. Using this knowledge to replace an existing demon in an existing encounter, then to...
  3. Create and spawn a new demon in an existing encounter, then to...
  4. Create an entirely new encounter.

Afterwards, we will move on to section 3, which will consist of just about everything else you can do in an encounter such as changing the music state, making and spawning our own orange barriers, event flags, and activating hazards.

Section 4 will cover all the miscellaneous stuff such as importing DLC ai and resources.