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Creating Video Mods

Video modding is currently not supported by the Eternal Mod Injector.
Make sure to backup your video files before editing them.

Extracting Tools:

The RAD Video Tools by Epic Games Tools - Download

Finding a Video to Replace:

Every video file can be found at base\video in the DOOMEternal installation directory. Each video uses the .bk2 format. The only way to view .bk2 files is to open them in RAD Video Tools.

  • Right click on the video you want to play ( ex: base\video\tutorial_core_loop_summary.bk2 )
  • Hover over Open with and click RAD Video Tools.
  • A separate window will open up, showing the video you clicked on.


The GUI of the Context Menu might look different depending on the OS you are using.
This screenshot is from a Windows 11 GUI.

Converting a Video into the .bk2 Format

RAD Video tools can convert many different kinds of video formats into .bk2.
They are compatible with most video formats such as: .mp4 .gif .mov .wmv .avi

  • Open RAD Video Tools
  • Left click the video you want to convert to .bk2
  • Left click Bink it!


  • A new window will appear. The Bink Compressor provides options for changing the settings of your video before converting it. Leave them to their default value.
  • Change the text under Output file info: to the name of the video you want to replace.
    Make sure to add .bk2 as the file extension.
  • After you finish naming the file, left click Bink located on the right side of the window. Your video will start processing into a .bk2 video file. The video should be saved in the same folder your original file was in.


Replacing the Existing Video File

Make sure to create a backup for the original video file and store it somewhere safe.
If you fail to restore the original file, you will need to Verify File Integrity from your client.

  • Go back to the file path where you originally found the video you want to replace
    ( ex: DOOMEternal\base\video\tutorials )
  • Put your new .bk2 file into the file path, and replace the vanilla file.
  • Run DOOM Eternal like normal, no Eternal Mod Injector needed.


To restore the original video, simply replace your modified .bk2 file with the vanilla file.