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Load Battlemode Maps in Singleplayer

See Developer Console Basics before proceeding.

These commands will not work if you are in a party.
You are automatically put into a party when you select Play under BATTLEMODE 2.0

Maps can only be loaded as the Slayer.


Load the following command from the Main Menu.
It automatically skips the intro cutscene and ready-up. Replace 1 with 0 (or restart DOOM Eternal) to revert the change.

pvp_skipreadyup 1


Map Name Console Command
Celestial (Urdak) map game/pvp/pvp_bronco/pvp_bronco
Corrosion (Blood Swamps) map game/pvp/pvp_darkmetal/pvp_darkmetal
Penance (Hell) map game/pvp/pvp_deathvalley/pvp_deathvalley
Tundra (Cultist Base) map game/pvp/pvp_inferno/pvp_inferno
Forsaken (Sentinel City) map game/pvp/pvp_laser/pvp_laser
Torment (UAC Facility) map game/pvp/pvp_shrapnel/pvp_shrapnel
Stronghold (Immora) map game/pvp/pvp_sideswipe/pvp_sideswipe
Armageddon (Super Gore Nest) map game/pvp/pvp_thunder/pvp_thunder
Extraction (Mars)

map game/pvp/pvp_zap/pvp_zap

Replacing map with onlinemap will force Battlemode maps to load with your selected demon and loadout. However, none of the geometry will render and you will only see the sky box.

Hostile fodder will indefinitely spawn in all arenas.

To exit a map, simply leave the game.