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Creating Custom AI - textures

See Creating Custom AI - decls before proceeding

Creating Custom Textures

While adding custom textures into the game is possible, it is not the optimal choice. Even if the added textures are in a relatively high patch directory, there is the chance that some of them will not load properly, especially if there are a lot of added assets in the mod(s).

Instead, it is recommended to replace the textures of an existing playable demon skin. Since injecting gameplay-altering mods disable Battlemode entirely, there is little concern for distorting playable demon skins. You will want to edit the regular demon skin like normal and replace its name with the cosmetic skin that you want to replace. Make sure to include the ENTIRE file extension ( ex: mancubus_body_set12.tga$streamed$mtlkind=albedo )

Also, be sure to replace ONLY the matching $streamed$ TGA extension. In the case of Gargoyles, replace any .tga$streamed$mtlkind=albedo file with that of the same extension for a set12 mancubus skin, for example. Most cosmetic skins are located in warehouse\models\customization\monsters

If your extracted textures do not have the $streamed$ TGA extension, then reference here - Resource Data

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