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An entity used to trigger (raise a flag) for encounters.


entity {
	entityDef example_user_flag {
	inherit = "encounter/trigger/user_flag";
	class = "idEncounterTrigger_RaiseUserFlag";
	expandInheritance = false;
	poolCount = 0;
	poolGranularity = 2;
	networkReplicated = false;
	disableAIPooling = false;
	edit = {
		triggerOnce = false;
		spawnPosition = { // Be sure to set spawn position
			x = 1;
			y = 1;
			z = 1;
		renderModelInfo = {
			model = NULL;
		clipModelInfo = { // Be sure to set trigger dimensions
			clipModelName = NULL;
		userFlag = "User_Flag"; // Flag Name

Flag Triggers can activate when entering a certain section of the map or when activateTarget for the entity is used.
This is useful if you want to activate Energy Barriers to lock you in an arena, or if you need to enter a section of the arena for the encounter to progress.

If you only plan on triggering the User Flag through activateTarget, then clipModel dimensions would not be needed.

waitForEventFlag is the eventCall that this entity signals.

The Encounter Manager must contain the idEncounterTrigger_RaiseUserFlag entity for it to recognize the flag name.