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5. Level Modding Entities

When activated, displays a countdown on the player's HUD. idTarget_Timer entity { entityDef example_countdown { class = "idTarget_Timer"; expandInheritance = false; poolCount = 0; poolGranularity = 2; networkReplicated = false; disableAIPooling...

DevInvLoadout Fundamentals

5. Level Modding Slayer Inventory

The devinvloadout decls dictate the slayer's starting inventory when the player loads a map, but does not load an existing save file. Scenarios where this occurs include: Creating a new save file. Joining an online match. playing through the tutorial. ...

idTrigger_BouncePad & idInfo_BounceDestination

5. Level Modding Entities

Entities that propel a player to a target destination. A bounce pad consists of either three or four entities: A trigger that actually launches the player. A destination for the trigger to target. A particle emitter. Dynamic entities to render the pad o...

idTrigger_TakeDamage & idTarget_Melee

5. Level Modding Entities

An either shootable or punchable trigger activated when it takes damage. Assets for both of these types of entities will not be present in all levels. You may need to use assetsinfo to import a level that does, if you wish to use them in levels that originall...


5. Level Modding Entities

An entity that moves players inside of it.   entity { entityDef game_trigger_push_1 { class = "idTrigger_Push"; expandInheritance = false; poolCount = 0; poolGranularity = 2; networkReplicated = false; disableAIPooling = ...


5. Level Modding Entities

An entity that can save the player's progress as a checkpoint and-as its name implies-manipulate layers. Checkpoint entity { entityDef checkpoint_target_change_layer_1 { class = "idTarget_LayerStateChange"; expandInheritance = false; poolCount = 0; ...


5. Level Modding Entities

An entity that either exclusively enables targets, or exclusively disables them, in contrast to other entity types that tend to simply trigger or toggle their targets. entity { entityDef example_enable { expandInheritance = false; poolCount = 0; poolG...

How to Install Configuration (.cfg) files.

1. How to Install Mods

Text files with the .cfg extension are not installed through the mod injector like zipped mods are. Instead, you place them in DOOM Eternal's "base" folder and run them with the exec console command. Suppose you save a configuration file named performance.cfg....