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Backup DOOM Levels

This technique also allows the player to modify their DOOM level freely, as it is stored client-side.

Your DOOM Level and Event XP are not the same thing. A DOOM Level measures how much you have played the game and essentially serves no monetary value other than prestige.

Finding Your DOOM Level File

This step is not required, but it provides an alternative way to copy your save files and profile data.
This is also relevant to Backup Save Files.

Find your remote folder for DOOM Eternal, ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\#########\782330\remote
The ######### will be your Steam ID.

You should now see all of your saves and profile data as folders. PROFILE is the only folder you should worry about. It contains profile.bin which stores your DOOM Level.

Profile Tools

idProfile by emoose - Download
De-serializes the profile.bin file into a readable JSON format.

DOOMSaveManager by GoobyCorp - Download
Makes exporting and importing saves easier.


  1. Unzip both files in the same folder
  2. Launch DOOM Save Manager.exe -> Continue if prompted with a warning -> Action: Export Backup -> OK -> Save the file somewhere safe
  3. Extract PROFILE\profile.bin -> Drag & Drop it onto idProfile.exe -> profile.bin.json will now be created -> Open the file with a text editor
  4. CTRL + F -> Type: experienceGained -> Find Next and look in the line directly below experienceGained -> If it is present, change: "Int8" to "Int32" -> Change the current value after "Int32" to whatever you want -> Save
  5. Drag & Drop profile.bin.json into idProfile.exe -> profile.bin.json.bin will now be created -> Rename the file to profile.bin -> Delete the old file if need-be
  6. Open: -> Replace the old profile.bin with the new one
  7. Launch DOOM Save Manager.exe -> Continue if prompted with a warning -> Action: Import Backup -> Select: -> OK

DOOM Level Key - Reference Image

1 Level = 10,000 XP
250 Levels = 2,500,000 XP  |  1 Echelon (Stone Star)
2250 Levels = 22,500,000 XP  |  9 Echelon (Bronze Star)
4250 Levels = 42,500,000 XP  |  17 Echelon (Silver Star)
6250 Levels = 62,500,000 XP  |  25 Echelon (Gold Star)
8250 Levels = 82,500,000 XP  |  33 Echelon (Platinum Star)
10250 Levels = 102,500,000 XP  |  41 Echelon (Slayer Star)
12000 Levels = 120,000,000 XP  |  48 Echelon (Max Level)

Each star is 250 Levels, with 8 stars being 2000 Levels (20,000,000 XP) for each Echelon.
You can only have a maximum of 8 stars before you unlock the next tier.

You cannot level up past 48 Echelon.