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Quality Guidelines

In order to ensure high quality content, any submissions not meeting these criteria may be edited or removed.

Quality Guidelines

If you haven't already, please first read the Rules for Wiki Editors as these are very important, and strictly enforced. By contrast, these "guidelines" are not enforced as strictly, but still recommended to follow whenever possible.

  1. In general, think of this wiki as an encyclopedia or knowledgebase. The goal is to record our knowledge — to make information more accessible, and to preserve this knowledge for the future. Articles should be written with this goal in mind.
  2. Articles should be written from a neutral point of view. You should try to avoid writing content that uses emotionally-charged language or subjective opinions. To test your understanding of this concept, it may be helpful to try the Wikipedia Neutrality Quiz.
  3. Avoid writing from the first-person perspective. In most cases, wiki articles are not published with the authors name, and will be edited by many different individuals. For this reason, you should avoid using the word "I" in your content. Similarly, avoid using phrases like "personally", "in my opinion", etc.
  4. Avoid duplicate content. In general, its a good idea to use the "search" features to see if someone has already written about your topic. Consider adding to the existing content (rather than starting a new page) if it makes sense to do so.
  5. Proofread your content before publishing. Please check for common errors like typos, etc. 

Last edited September 8, 2021.