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Rules for Wiki Editors

The rules below will be strictly enforced. Please review before contributing content to the Wiki. 

Rules for Wiki Editors

In order to maintain a high quality of content, the rules below will be strictly enforced. These rules should be considered a work in progress, they may be edited or revised at a future date.

  1. No self-promotion: This wiki should not be used for the purpose of advertising your mods, YouTube channel, or anything else of that nature. This will be strictly enforced. 
  2. Do not post copyrighted material: Posting copyrighted material (such as images or videos) will expose this website and its owners to legal liability. As a result, any user that posts copyrighted material will have their editing privileges immediately and permanently revoked.
  3. Do not post other people's content: Similar to the above, we can't verify whether you have permission to post this content, so please don't.
  4. Do not spam or post low-quality material: Think of this like an encyclopedia or knowledgebase for future generations of modders. Please proofread your content and avoid submitting low-quality material as much as reasonably possible. 
  5. No swearing, slang, "adult language", or any kind of vulgar or offensive content will be tolerated.
  6. All original content published on the wiki is considered Public Domain: By publishing original content here, you are releasing it to the Public Domain. This means it may be revised, edited, or reworked as needed by other members of the community.

Last edited September 7, 2021.