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Creating Mods

Getting Your Mod to Work:

  • For your mod to function in the injector, you must have your folder structure EXACTLY the same as it is structured in the extracted files.
  • When making mods, you should copy only the files you need to edit. Do not change anything in the extracted files so you can reference them again in the future.
  • Be sure to check if your mod is in the highest priority it can be. Editing something in "gameresources" may not work if it is found in "gameresources_patch1".
    Here is a list showing the resource load priorities, from top to bottom
  • You can find the top-to-bottom resource load order in #resources, called "PackageMapSpec.json sheet".
  • When finished with your mod, put all the contents into a .zip file. When testing your mod, you do not necessarily have to make it a .zip file. You can just move the folders into the "Mods" folder for your convenience.

    If you are having trouble, you can always look at another person's .zip mod for reference.

Updating Your Mod:

  • When DOOM Eternal updates, the resource load order will often change and will sometimes break your mod.
  • Updating your mod can often be as simple as moving your files to it's higher priority, which you can tell if you see those files moved into another patch.
  • Still, you should test your mod to see if anything has changed. Sometimes ID Software makes extra changes that can be hard to identify or revert.