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Extracting Resources

In order to create mods, you will need to have the game's resources extracted into the various files that can be edited. Resources are divided by levels or general categories. They will be sorted into folders when extracted.

It is recommend that you extract assets from resources that end in .backup or uninstall all mods before extracting to avoid getting modified files.

Extraction Tools:

EternalResourceExtractor by PowerBall253 - Download
Command-line tool. Exports everything, but textures/models are exported as "headers" only - not for texture mods. You may wish to filter the extraction to .decl files only. CMD Syntax: EternalResourceExtractor.exe [path to .resources file] [out path] [options]
[Documentation & Source Code]

SAMUEL Asset Extraction Tool by SamPT - Download 
GUI tool. Exports textures, models, .decls, and .entities files in a readable format.
[Documentation & Source Code]

VEGA by DTZxPorter - Download
GUI tool. Exports textures and models. Preferred tool for texture modding.

Make sure you have enough disk space when extracting resources. As of Game Update 6.66 rev 2, EternalResourceExtractor requires 20.0 GB of free space to extract everything. SAMUEL or VEGA require even more space, since they export full-size images. If using those tools, you should only export the textures you need.

List of Resources:

gameresources contains general information that will be used for all levels.
You will be using this resource frequently.

gameresources General
e1m1_intro Hell on Earth
e1m3_cult Cultist Base
e1m4_boss Doom Hunter Base
e2m1_nest Super Gore Nest
e2m2_base ARC Complex
e2m3_core Mars Core
e2m4_boss Sentinel Prime
e3m1_slayer Taras Nabad
e3m2_hell Nekravol
e3m2_hell_b Nekravol - Part II
e3m3_maykr Urdak
e3m4_boss Final Sin
e4m1_rig UAC Atlantica Facility
e4m2_swamp The Blood Swamps
e4m3_mcity The Holt
e5m1_spear The World Spear
e5m2_earth Reclaimed Earth
e5m3_hell Immora
e5m4_boss The Dark Lord
e6m1_cult_horde Horde Mode - Cultist Base
e6m2_earth_horde Horde Mode - Reclaimed Earth
Horde Mode - The Holt
hub Fortress of DOOM
dlc_hub ARC Carrier
shell Main Menu
pvp_bronco Battlemode - Celestial
pvp_darkmetal Battlemode - Corrosion
pvp_deathvalley Battlemode - Penance
pvp_inferno Battlemode - Tundra
pvp_laser Battlemode - Forsaken
pvp_shrapnel Battlemode - Torment
pvp_sideswipe Battlemode - Stronghold
pvp_thunder Battlemode - Armageddon
pvp_zap Battlemode - Extraction
tutorial_sp Slayer Tutorial
tutorial_demons Demon Player Tutorial
tutorial_pvp_laser Battlemode - Tutorial
warehouse Skins
meta Contains "container.mask"

There are folders with "_patch_#" appended at the end and they contain overriding files for their parent folder.
The patch number does not always mean it has a high priority because DOOM Eternal often changes the priorities with each update. You can see the priorities by checking the vanilla version of base/packagemapspec.json. As of update 6.66 rev-2.2, here are the known unusual patch priorities:

  • gameresources_patch1 is higher than gameresourcces_patch2.
  • e5m1_spear_patch1 is higher than e5m1_spear_patch2.
  • e3m1_slayer_patch2 is higher than e3m1_slayer_patch3.
  • e2m3_core_patch2 is higher than e2m3_core_patch3.
  • e5m3_hell_patch1 is higher than e5m3_hell_patch2.