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SnapHak/Bubblebear commands


Bubblebear (also known as SnapHak) is a tool by chrispy that adds additional functionality to Doom 2016, including extending the capabilities of SnapMap beyond the in-game editor, adding loose file (re)loading, new superscripts, and unlocking/adding other console commands, which are listed down below.

Note that latter versions of Bubblebear have mod loading functionality, conflicting with emoose's mod loader, which is the currently widely used mod loader. Bubblebear's mod loading method does not require devmode, but does not support the addition of new assets, and is incompatible with mods that do so.

List of commands


Spawns an entity at the player's position.

Note that god or noclip should be enabled, or the spawned entity may collide with and kill the player.

sh_spawn <entitydef> <entity name after spawning> sh_spawn ai/demon/mancubus randomname1

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