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Commands (CMD)

Console Commands are unlocked by default after running the Eternal Mod Injector.

How to Use the Command Console

  • Press the Grave Accent ( ` ) key on your keyboard to open the console.
  • You may type any command in the terminal prompt, but you cannot control your character while the console is open. After you have typed your desired command, press Enter to execute it.
  • Press the ( ` ) key again to exit the Command Console.

Opening the Command Console does not pause the game.

Commands are not case-sensitive.

Common Console Commands

If you are having trouble finishing a command, select TAB and the console with display available parameters.

listcmds Lists all of the available console commands. listcmds
bind Binds a command to a specific key. bind del killai
unbind Unbinds a command from a key. unbind del

Instantly kills the player once, consuming an Extra Life if one is present.


Makes the player invulnerable to damage. This command is toggle-able by itself.


Gives the player resources in full capacity or adds an item to the player's inventory.

give health

give armor

give ammo

Instantly gibs all AI present in the level. gibalicious

Removes an item for the player's inventory.

removeInventoryItem weapon/player/bfg


Automatically disconnects you from a multiplayer match.



Disables console warnings that are displayed in red text.

warning_disable all

None of these commands require Meath00k. However, should you need noclip or notarget enabled, you must have XINPUT1_3.dll downloaded and placed into your DOOM Eternal installation folder.
ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOMEternal

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