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EntitySlayer by FlavorfulGecko5 - Download

EntitySlayer is an easy yet powerful entity editing tool that lists entities as nodes, while providing advanced features such as filtering, searching, multi-node selection.
To install: Extract the files to whatever folder you want. Make sure to copy oocore_8_win64.dll from DOOM Eternal's installation directory to the folder.

EntitySlayer does not require you to decompress .entities files.

You can open the compressed files within the application, but you should be in your chosen level and use
File -> Open from MH to open the Meathook instance. Be sure so save your instance somewhere.
With EntitySlayer, you can press the button, "Reload level" and it will perform the command "mh_force_reload" for you.

If you wish, you can copy an entity into a dedicated text editor like Notepad++, make changes there, then copy the result back to EntitySlayer.

Copying from EntitySlayer to Text Editor:

1. Copy the eventCall selected
2. Paste into text editor
3. Make your changes and only copy the following
4. Reinsert the eventCall into EntitySlayerimage-1631057148235.png
5. If you are replacing an eventCall, delete the original one, but you can always add more eventCalls this way.